4 Steps To Planning A Safe Christmas Party With Alcohol

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Having a Christmas party for all of your friends and family can be a lot of fun for everyone. If you intend to serve your guests liquor, beer, and wine, there are certain precautions that you should take to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible during and after the party. Get a Bartender This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a bunch of money hiring a professional bartender for the evening – it just means that you need someone serving drinks who isn’t getting hammered. Someone responsible should be in charge of the bar to ensure that none of the guests get too intoxicated. This person can monitor how much everyone is drinking and either shut the intoxicated guests off or make their drinks with less alcohol. Note: This person will also be responsible for keeping any underage guests from drinking and putting themselves and you at risk of legal complications. Serve the Right Food Ok – you want your guests to love the food that you are serving, but you need the food to absorb the alcohol a bit to keep everyone safe. Foods to consider should be fatty – not necessarily greasy and unhealthy, but contain natural fats – think nuts. Load the buffet with carbs – pizza, pasta and potatoes are great options. Have a fruit bar with bananas for alcohol absorption, and water-laden fruits like watermelon to help keep guests hydrated. Transportation This is the most important part of keeping your guests safe. Although a person may appear un-intoxicated at the end of the night, those few drinks are more than enough to impair driving abilities and put them and other drivers at risk on the roads. If you have a taxi service in your area, use it. If you don’t have a taxi service to utilize, enlist a few good people to help you get your guests home. These people may include people from the neighborhood, off-duty police officers or firefighters or even members of the local church. Reach out to your local police department to find out what resources are available in your area to assist you with transporting your guests safely. Accommodations In some cases, your guests may be safer crashing at your place. If you don’t have extra beds in your home, gather some sleeping bags and pillows. Chances are, your guests won’t care where they pass out at the end of the night as long as they can crash somewhere safe and warm. Your Christmas party can be fun and safe. Just keep these things in mind as you plan for the event and enlist the help of trustworthy individuals to assist you with keeping everyone safe....

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What To Do When A Car Accident Is Your Fault

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No one wants to be involved in a car accident no matter how minor it may be.  Even with a small accident, the process of resolving the issue can be timely and unnerving.  If you are ever in a car accident and it is your fault, you should remember to do several things to make future proceedings go a little smoother for you. Never Admit Guilt Never admit that you are guilty of causing the car accident.  You should not mention it to the people in the other car or even any passengers in your car.  In fact, when the investigating officer at the scene of the accident questions you, do not admit you are guilty.  You should present the facts of the accident the way you remember them.  It may appear you were the cause of the accident; however, there may be circumstances or situations that actually caused the automobile accident that you are not aware of at the time. Check for Injuries Check to see if you or the other driver has any injuries, in addition to the passengers of the vehicles.  Try to assess the severity of the injuries of anyone who was hurt in the crash.  You may need this information when you make the 911 call.  If you have doubts about whether or not someone was injured, go ahead and call 911. Call Police/Call 911 If the car accident is minor, you can call the police.  If you call 911, the dispatcher will dispatch all the services you will need to the site of the car accident.  A police office is dispatched to interview and make a report.  If one of the vehicles is on fire, the closest fire department will dispatch firefighters. If someone is injured or if an injury is suspected, an ambulance is dispatched to the scene.  The emergency medical services dispatched are usually the closest ones to the accident. Refrain from Arguing Do not argue with the driver or any passengers.  Keep your distance if the other driver becomes combatant.  Do not say you are sorry because it can be misinterpreted as an admission of guilt. Take Pictures and Notes If you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera, you should take pictures of the damage done to both cars.  If you are unfamiliar with the area, be sure to take pictures to help you when you need to provide details later.  Jot down notes while the accident is still fresh in your mind. Exchange Insurance Information You can exchange information before the investigating officer arrives at the scene or you can wait until the officer investigates and writes a report.  You will need to contact your...

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