A (Mug) Shot to Your Reputation

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It has become a common occurrence: if you want to find more information about someone, you simply enter their name in a popular search engine and view the results. Many people are researching their job applicants, dates, babysitters and more by searching online, and often the results at the top of the first page contains information about an arrest and an accompanying mugshot. The justice system is supposed to protect people by giving them the status of “innocent until proven guilty”, but the appearance of someone on one of these mugshot websites seems to run counter to that. Read on to learn more about what happens when your face is plastered on the internet for a crime that you were not guilty of committing. The picture of guilt. The booking information about those arrested is considered public information, and the ability to view the actions of the justice system openly provides a valuable means of keeping check on the actions of the law enforcement community. That being said, being arrested for a crime is not the same as being convicted of a crime. You will not likely find the mugshot websites doing follow up reports on those who’s charges were dropped or who were found to be not guilty. The damage done by the publication of a mug shot cannot be undone; once a potential employer views your mug on the internet, you are not very likely to be interviewed or hired for a position, regardless of the final outcome of your case. The business end. Many law enforcement agencies do publish arrest information and mugshots, but they seldom have the storage capacity to keep this information indefinitely. That is where companies like Mugshots.com comes in. Their “bots” search the law enforcement websites and mine the data their for publication on their own, for-profit websites. You should understand that there is no law against this practice, which may explain why these types of sites seem to be multiplying rapidly. Where’s the money? You may be wondering how these websites produce income, and it is the same way that many websites profit: by selling advertising on it. However, there is another source of income for these websites that is more controversial. It seems that if you wish to have your photo removed from the website you can do it for a fee. Since your photo and information can easily appear on dozens of these sites, you can imagine how expensive it could be to totally erase those images. While there are few sites that offer to remove the information of people who have been exonerated, they are few and far between. The question of the legality of these websites requiring...

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Tips on Creating a Will and Passing Along Wealth

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In order to pass along wealth, outline your wishes, and protect your loved ones after your death, you will need to create a will and hire an attorney who can help you with all of the legal aspects surrounding the will. Some things you will need to keep in mind include hiring the right wills and trusts attorney, putting together a will, and also matching your will with a thorough life-insurance policy. With these points in mind, follow the three tips below so that you can put together your final wishes with no problem.  #1: Hire a Quality, Credible Wills-and-Trusts Attorney Your first step, before putting pen to paper on a will, should be to hire a credible wills-and-trusts lawyer. These professionals will help you to understand the process, what is required of you, and what the law says about the points you want to make in your will. These attorneys will guide you every step of the way and will maintain records of your will for safekeeping once it is done. Speak to a few different lawyers to get a feeling on which you believe would be best positioned to help you create your will. It might cost you about $1000 or so to hire a top-notch wills-and-trusts attorney. #2: Take Your Time to Thoroughly Complete Your Will to Your Liking There are a lot of things you will need to keep in mind when putting together your will. You should first and foremost figure out your beneficiaries and decide how you would like to execute the will at the time of your death. In most cases, your attorney should be trusted to handle this to diffuse any incompetence or conflicts of interest. It is important to remember that the most current version of your will is the one that will be executed, so continuously update it throughout the course of life changes and accumulation of wealth. #3: Create a Life-Insurance Policy Finally, be sure that you open up a valid life-insurance policy. Life insurance is useful because it can typically kick in before a will is executed. The proceeds from your life-insurance policy will go to your loved ones as soon as they display a death certificate, and some of this money can go toward your funeral costs if necessary. Shop around with different insurance providers to make sure your loved ones are cared for in this regard as well. Use these tips and touch base with professionals who can help by talking to firms such as Donald B Linsky & Associate...

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