3 Criminal Defense Options Besides Trial

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When people picture a criminal defense attorney at work, they usually imagine someone presenting arguments at a trial in front of a jury. This is far from the ideal scenario for a defendant, though. Many other potential options are available for preserving a client's rights. Let's look at three ways a lawyer might try to help a defendant without going to trial. Questioning the Charges at Arraignment After someone has been arrested and formally charged with an offense, they will be compelled to appear before the court for a relatively short hearing called an arraignment.

29 January 2020

3 Things To Know About The Jury In Your Criminal Case

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If you are in the process of deciding how to proceed with your criminal case and feel that going through a trial would be your best option, you will likely leave the fate of your case up to the jurors who are selected for this case. Going through a trial is not always the best choice defendants have in cases, but it might be the right option for you. If so, here are three important things you should know about the jury that will be handling your criminal case.

2 January 2020