Why You Should Use A Process Server's Services For Your Law Firm

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If you operate a law firm, working with outside sources sometimes makes sense. For example, you might regularly work with expert witnesses, court reporters, and notaries. If you've never hired a process server to assist with serving legal documents, this might be a business relationship that you will want to strike up soon. These are a few great reasons why your law firm can potentially benefit from working with a professional process server.

Help Prevent Conflict 

As you might know as a lawyer who is regularly involved in litigation, lawsuits can often get nasty. There is often a lot of conflict and if someone from your law firm — or even worse, a representative of the person or business that is suing — serves the paperwork, things could get risky. Using an outside source, such as a neutral third-party process server, is often a safer and less risky method of serving legal paperwork.

Get Legal Papers Served in a Timely Manner

Sometimes, it's hard to find a person who needs to be served legal paperwork. The good news is that a process server typically has great methods for locating these individuals and serving paperwork to them, even if it seems they are attempting to dodge getting served this paperwork. You can get paperwork served more quickly with the help of a process server in many cases. Since you naturally probably want to get legal matters handled for your clients in a timely manner whenever possible, using a process server to speed things along is a good idea.

Plus, using a process server can help you ensure that documents are actually served to the person in question. Depending on the state, you may have the option to send legal paperwork through the mail. However, there is a big chance that the paperwork won't go to the right address or person, or that the person will ignore the paperwork. Working with a process server helps prevent these things from happening.

Reduce Workload

If you have to worry about things like sending out legal documents or serving them yourself, this really adds to your workload. Even if you have your law firm employees handle these things for you, this takes time away from other tasks that these professionals could be tackling. In general, you can reduce the workload for yourself and the others who work in your law firm by using a process server for various things. 

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19 June 2023

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