How Motorcycle Drivers Should Respond To Being Hit By Another Motorist


If you drive a motorcycle, you're more at risk of injury compared to those driving in traditional vehicles. That's because your body is severely exposed. If you're accidentally hit on your bike and are in bad shape, you'll want to proceed by taking the following actions.  Get Medical Help  Your first priority after such a severe auto collision should be seeking medical help. Severe trauma may have been done to your body and medical professionals are the only people who can get you back to a stable condition.

21 November 2018

How Courts Determine Whether An Injured School Child Had Adequate Supervision At The Time Of The Injury


Everyone knows that children cannot take care of themselves as well as adults, which is why the law expects schools to provide adequate supervision for their students. This is why the issue of supervision will come up with your personal injury lawyer during the pursuit of damages for a child who was injured in school. Here are some of the things that determine the level of supervision that is considered adequate for a child:

27 December 2017

Procuring Medical Records For A Personal Injury Case: A Primer


If you find yourself as the plaintiff in a personal injury case, in most cases, you will find that you will have to present your medical records in order to be compensated for the damages for which you are suing. You might also find that you must procure these documents for others if you are their guardian, custodian, or simply trying to help out a friend or family member. This guide will serve as a primer for procuring your medical records in the event that you need them for a personal injury suit.

19 July 2016

Emotional Abuse In A Marriage: What A Lawyer Can Do To End It


Do you live your life walking on pins and needles because your spouse has a bad habit of calling you names for any little thing? An emotionally abusive marriage can leave you in a bad state of mind for a long time, so you may want to take the step of filing for a divorce (even if you are scared). Discover in this article how a divorce attorney can help you end your emotionally abusive marriage without having to fear what your spouse might do.

5 December 2015

Immigration Status And Criminal Convictions: What You Should Know


If you aren't a U.S. citizen, a criminal conviction could potentially have an unexpected outcome: deportation. However, it may be possible to get the court to vacate your conviction or grant you a waiver so that you're able to remain in the country. Here are some things you should know. Almost any crime could be cause for deportation. Specific state and federal laws make certain crimes an automatic cause for deportation.

3 December 2015

Important Information About Getting Guardianship Of A Parent With Alzheimer's


When your parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it is reasonable to expect that sometime in the near future, it may be necessary to obtain guardianship and make important decisions for them. Sadly, the average person will only live four to eight years after being diagnosed with the disease and one out of every nine people in the United States over the age of 65 have Alzheimer's. By developing a care plan and starting the process of becoming your parent's legal guardian as early as possible, you can comply with their wishes later on, when they may lack the mental ability to make informed decisions.

14 October 2015

4 Common Mistakes Employees Make When Documenting Injuries


Are you an employee who was injured on the job? When injured, most people are in shock and don't think clearly—and this can lead to a lot of problems when trying to document their injury. Documentation is an essential part of a workers compensation claim; it will control not only whether your claim is approved but also the extent to which the claim is approved. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

27 March 2015

5 Ways To Improve Your Chance Of Getting Sole Child Custody


If you are dealing with a divorce and have children, you may be interested in getting sole custody. There are a number of factors that can affect your ability to get custody of your child. Knowing the ways you can improve your chances of doing so may be helpful if you are faced with this situation. Financial stability If you can prove you are financially capable of supporting a child, you may improve your chances of getting custody.

16 January 2015

Dog Bite Laws Could Cost You


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that despite rules and restrictions relating to the ownership of dogs, pet dogs bite about 4.5 million people each year. State dog bite laws vary, yet in many cases, you are legally responsible for any injuries your dog causes. Besides state laws, many local governments have ordinances for controlling dogs. Because the law determines in what situations you can be sued if your dog injures someone, you need to know what the dog bite laws are where you live.

8 January 2015

5 Things To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident


Whether it happened in a grocery store or outside a person's home, a slip and fall accident can leave you seriously hurt. Although a slip and fall accident can be traumatizing, it is important to keep your composure. If you stay calm, the situation will be a lot easier. Here are five things you should do after a slip and fall accident. Immediately Report the Accident Whether you fell in front of someone's house or in a department store, you should report the accident to the person in charge of the property.

18 December 2014