5 Ways To Improve Your Chance Of Getting Sole Child Custody


If you are dealing with a divorce and have children, you may be interested in getting sole custody. There are a number of factors that can affect your ability to get custody of your child. Knowing the ways you can improve your chances of doing so may be helpful if you are faced with this situation.

Financial stability

If you can prove you are financially capable of supporting a child, you may improve your chances of getting custody. It's important to provide an accurate amount of what you make to the court system. This can be done by providing a W-2 copy of past tax records or a recent pay stub from your current employer and showing you earn what you say you do.

Safe residence

Having a place that is habitable and will provide the necessary shelter for your child to live may improve your chances of getting custody. You may need to provide proof of this with your address and other personal financial information

Minimal adjustment

If you live close to the child's school district, and this won't require your child to switch educational facilities, you have may have an increased chance of getting sole custody. The fewer adjustments that are necessary for your child to deal with, the easier the transition will be on the child, and this will be considered.

Child's choice

The judge will typically take into strong consideration who the child prefers to live within the long-term. This question will likely be posed to the child, and the response can have a strong impact of the final decision of who gets custody.

Be healthy

One way to help ensure you get custody of your child is by being healthy and being able to provide the necessary evidence to the courts that you are. This can show the court that your child is able to depend on you to be well, and provide the necessary amount of care and supervision that is needed from birth until adulthood. You may be required to provide medical records to prove the state of your health and show you are capable of caring for the child at all times.

Having custody of your child and being able to have this individual with you as much as possible is important. Be sure to retain the services of a child custody attorney like Nelson Law Group PC to help ensure the greatest chances possible of getting custody.


16 January 2015

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