Determined Federal Government Effort To Ensure Proper And Timely Worker's Compensation For Injured Workers

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New claims for federal employees are resolved by the Division of Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA). The program is designed to pay for your medical expenses and other compensation benefits that you are entitled to if you are injured on the job. It will also pay your survivors directly when necessary.

Hire a Qualified and Experienced Attorney

You will need to hire qualified attorneys like Bisogno & Meyerson who possesses experience in the handling of FECA cases. Make sure that the lawyer you hire conforms to the established fee schedule guidelines of the Department of Labor. Most attorneys will offer you a free consultation initially.

Prompt Action You Can Expect For Your Claim

The Federal Government states that if you are traumatically injured while performing your job, you can expect a prompt response for your filed compensation claim within 45 days. A decision is reportedly rendered within 90 days of your filing an occupational illness claim.

Decision in Complex Claims Within Six To Ten Months

Expect decisions for resolving very complex cases to take a little longer before you receive a response. The government says such cases may take anywhere from six to ten months to be resolved, because the claims generally require more additional evidence than usual.

Processing of Medical Bills

The Federal Government reports that it processes and pays your medical bills directly to medical providers or reimburses you directly for any amounts you paid the provider. The program accordingly ensures that your medical payments will be processed within 28 days of receipt.

Payment For Lost Wages

As stated by the government, your wage losses are promptly guaranteed payment 14 days following submission of your compensation request. Payments are coordinated by your district office employment agency.

Returning To Your Job In Proper Time Period

You are reportedly entitled to return and reclaim your federal job within one year after you initially experienced wage loss. However, the compensation program also helps you to begin working again when you are medically fit to do so. The Federal Employee Compensation Act consequently ensures your right to reclaim your job even beyond the one-year time period.

Assignation Of A Registered Nurse

Your right to heal from your injuries in a timely way is ensured. You are assigned a registered nurse who is an advocate for you. Your nurse ensures that you receive appropriate medical care that results in your capacity to begin working once more.

Vocational Training

You can be referred to a medical specialist if the compensation program requests additional medical information about your status. If it is impossible for you to return to your original job category, you could be referred to a vocational rehabilitation service where you can be retrained for another job.


23 February 2015

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