4 Common Mistakes Employees Make When Documenting Injuries


Are you an employee who was injured on the job? When injured, most people are in shock and don't think clearly—and this can lead to a lot of problems when trying to document their injury. Documentation is an essential part of a workers compensation claim; it will control not only whether your claim is approved but also the extent to which the claim is approved. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Exaggerate the Injuries

Most people don't do this intentionally; it's just very easy to exaggerate an injury when you're still in pain or in shock. Still, you need to be very specific about your injury when you document it, because otherwise it can seem as though you're trying to increase the extent of your damages.

One way that you can avoid this is by creating a paper trail that shows the obvious extent of your injuries without any potential for exaggeration. Photos, videos and medical documents are also ideal.

2. Wait too Long to Document

The moment you have presence of mind, you should already be writing down or otherwise recording the events that led up to your injury. Don't wait until you've gone home from the hospital and are thinking things through. Each time you replay the event in your head, it can change a little; the human memory is a faulty thing. You don't want to create conflicting details or accidentally report something that isn't true.

3. Not List All Witnesses

Not only do you need to list all witnesses to the event that injured you, but you also need to get your workers compensation attorney to talk to them as soon as possible once you know that you are going to lodge a workers compensation claim. Like you, the witnesses may have varying memories of the events; they need to be available to report what they saw while it is still fresh in their minds.

4. Fail to Get Medical Documentation

Medical documentation is perhaps the most important part of a workers compensation case, yet many people are afraid to go to the doctor because they can't afford the charges. As long as you document everything clearly and work with your lawyer, your medical costs should be covered through the case. It's important to go to the doctor immediately following the injury.

If you have any doubts regarding the workers compensation process, you should always contact a law firm such as Large & Associates Attorneys. Though workers compensation can be claimed without the help of an attorney, an attorney will do their best to ensure that you are entirely compensated for the damages that you have suffered. 


27 March 2015

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