Emotional Abuse In A Marriage: What A Lawyer Can Do To End It


Do you live your life walking on pins and needles because your spouse has a bad habit of calling you names for any little thing? An emotionally abusive marriage can leave you in a bad state of mind for a long time, so you may want to take the step of filing for a divorce (even if you are scared). Discover in this article how a divorce attorney can help you end your emotionally abusive marriage without having to fear what your spouse might do.

What is the First Step of Ending an Abusive Marriage?

To begin the process of your divorce, you may want to have a consultation with a lawyer. Although a divorce can take place without the help of a lawyer, you will come out better in the end with one to speak on your behalf. He or she will ask you about the names that your spouse calls you, how often it is done and why you think it is happening. You must tell the lawyer if your spouse is also physically abusive or has threatened to harm you if a divorce is filed. What is said during the initial consultation will let the lawyer know how to move forward with ending the marriage while keeping you safe.

What Happens After the Initial Consultation?

The first thing that the lawyer will do if your life is in danger is file an emergency restraining order against your spouse. The judge will likely make it mandatory for your spouse to leave the marital home for the duration of the divorce process. The lawyer can also help you get emergency custody of your children until custody arrangements are made in the divorce. An investigation will be done to determine if your spouse has a mental health history. The lawyer will also find witnesses of your emotional abuse.

What Can Be Obtained When the Divorce is Final?

If you had to depend on your spouse for finances, the lawyer can help you get alimony in the divorce settlement. You may also be able to gain ownership of the marital home if it is proven that your abusive spouse caused the marriage to fail. You may also be given the marital home if you get full custody of the children. The debts that accumulated in the marriage will be divided between you and your spouse, as well as any money that is in the bank. Speak to a divorce lawyer to get out of your emotionally abusive marriage!


5 December 2015

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