How To Avoid Conflict When Dealing With Children's Extra-Curricular Activities

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Having children involved in extra-curricular activities is a great way to build character. For children of divorce, these activities can be an amazing outlet for stress, sadness, and feelings of loss. However, one thing that can really put a wrench into their activities is when the parents are not involved in the planning and implantation process. It can quickly become a source of contention between two co-parents if there is not a clear flow of communication. The following are some things to consider when dealing with your child's extra-curricular activities after divorce:

Do Not Fight Under Any Circumstances

The last thing you should ever do is have your child witness the two of you fighting over something that he or she is the primary focus of. They are likely just beginning to adjust to a new life away from one that consisted of regular fighting between you, so it would not be ideal to have a fight in front of the kids over their extra-curricular activities. That can have severe repercussions with regard to any progress they have made to their new living situation.

If you are unable to discuss things without it getting heated, you can always communicate in non-verbal ways. Ultimately, you will need to be in contact to go over practice schedules and the like. One great thing to do is to create an online editable calendar that you can both access. On the calendar, list the event, what time it is, and which parent is in charge of that event. That way, there is never any issues with communication that could ultimately prevent an argument.

Never Overstep

You should also never overstep your boundaries when it comes to the other parent. In a co-parenting situation, you both need to have a say in which activities your children will be involved in. Do not ever make drastic decisions without the input of the other parent. For instance, never sign your child up for an expensive travel baseball program and expect the other parent to foot half the bill without discussing it first. That is a major problem and can have severe repercussions.

The best thing to do is have a stipulation in your custody agreement regarding extra-curricular activities. This would be a fluid stipulation that will need adjusting over the years as the kids change or drop activities. Ultimately, you need to be able to get along well enough to deal with your kid's activities, so it is best to have it written to ensure everyone. 

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