Reasons Most Car Accident Cases Settle Without A Trial

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Going to trial to settle a car accident case is typically considered the last resort, and this is primarily because most people are able to reach agreements outside of court for their car accident settlements. Here are some of the top reasons most car accident cases settle outside of court and do not require a trial.

The evidence is clear

One of the reasons people are able to settle car accident cases without going to trial is due to the fact that the evidence clearly shows who caused the accident. In other words, the evidence proves what happened and shows that one party was responsible for causing the accident to occur. When there is proof like this, it is hard for a person to argue about it. Therefore, many cases settle outside of court simply because there is no argument about who caused the accident to occur.

Going to court takes too much time

Secondly, cases often settle without a trial because settling this way is so much faster. When you have to go to court for a case like this, you will need to wait for a court date. When the court date occurs, there is always a chance the judge will continue it instead of settling anything during this date. 

In fact, the case could be continued multiple times, due to many different reasons. This ends up leaving cases open for months or years, and most people do not want to wait this long to settle a case. Most people would prefer reaching a settlement within a few months, instead of waiting years.

Court is costly

The other reason most cases settle outside of court is for monetary reasons. Settling a case can be expensive for the insurance company that must pay the settlement but settling outside of court will always be less expensive than going to trial. Going to court costs money for court fees and other fees, and it always requires traveling to and from the courthouse. Traveling can take time and time is money, and therefore, going to court is a much costlier way to settle any type of car accident case.

If you are involved in a car accident case, you will most likely be able to reach a fair settlement without going to trial. To learn more about your case and rights, contact your local personal injury law services to set up a consultation visit.


13 October 2018

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