How Motorcycle Drivers Should Respond To Being Hit By Another Motorist


If you drive a motorcycle, you're more at risk of injury compared to those driving in traditional vehicles. That's because your body is severely exposed. If you're accidentally hit on your bike and are in bad shape, you'll want to proceed by taking the following actions. 

Get Medical Help 

Your first priority after such a severe auto collision should be seeking medical help. Severe trauma may have been done to your body and medical professionals are the only people who can get you back to a stable condition.

While your injuries are being treated, the on-site physician will document everything. You'll need this documentation to prove the motorcycle accident was real and also show what you've been put through. Make sure you get a copy of these medical reports, so that you have some form of evidence should you pursue a case against the motorist who hit you.

Write Down What Happened 

Once you're medically cleared to leave the hospital, you need to write down as much details as you can about the motorcycle accident. The sooner you do this, the less likely it will be that you forget important information that could prove vital in a personal injury claim.

Think about where you were when the accident unfolded. How fast were you going and what events caused you to get hit? Write these details down on paper as soon as you remember them. Try to be thorough and concise, all while avoiding any emotional responses. They will only hurt your case because they show bias and anger.

Consult With an Attorney 

To know whether or not you have a legitimate personal injury case against the motorist who hit you, it's often necessary to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney. They'll examine your personal account of the accident and assess any evidence that can be found. 

Your attorney then will either forgo the case because it isn't that strong or they'll pursue legal action. If the latter is true, they'll help gather additional evidence from the scene of the crime. For example, they may be able to find witnesses who say the entire event unfold. Your attorney will also come up with a compensation amount, based on the costs that piled up during this unfortunate time.

Getting into an accident on your bike is never fun, but it can happen on today's hectic roads. Fortunately, when you respond proactively and take the right legal actions, this entire ordeal will be much more manageable to deal with. 


21 November 2018

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