How To Use Your Bankruptcy Documents To Fight Errors Related To Debts

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If you ever decide to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you should hang on to all the documents you receive from your case, as you might need them in the future. You may need them when applying for a loan to buy a house or car, or you might need them to fight errors relating to debts that you once had. Here are some tips to help you use these documents to fight the errors you may encounter in the future.

Keep your entire file together

During your bankruptcy case, you will receive documents in the mail and from your lawyer. When you do, you should keep them together. At the end of your case, you may even want to ask your lawyer if you can have a copy of your entire file. Once you have this, keep it in a folder or large envelope, because you may need to use the documents in it at some point in the future to prove something or to fight errors.

Check your credit report

After filing for bankruptcy and receiving the discharge for your case, you should periodically check your credit report for errors and issues relating to the effects of your bankruptcy case. When you do this, you will likely see the Chapter 7 filing report on your credit report, and this will remain in place for 10 years from the discharge date, but you might see certain things on your credit report that are not correct. If you do, you can dispute the items and use your bankruptcy documents to prove your case. If you can prove a debt was discharged through your case but is still showing that it is unpaid, providing the credit bureaus with the documents from your case that show it was discharged should be plenty of evidence to have this item changed on your report.

Use the documents when creditors contact you

It is also important to have your bankruptcy documents in case any creditor contacts you for a payment that was discharged in the case. While this is illegal, accidents happen, and you can prove you do not owe the debt by submitting a copy of your bankruptcy documents that show this.

While bankruptcy is not always the best way to get out of debt, it does offer a lot of benefits and perks for some situations. Before you file, make sure you understand the pros and cons of the process and results. For more information, contact a company like David M. Todaro Co., LPA.


24 April 2019

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