Mistakes You're Making After A Friend's Pet Bites You

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Having a friend's animal bite or attack you is upsetting for a multitude of reasons. Your friendship will be tested as you tend to injuries and ask that they pitch in with medical bills. In fact, they may refuse to help completely. If that happens, you might decide a lawsuit is your only solution. However, your commitment to the friendship could still cause the following mistakes:

Not Contacting Police

When the incident happened, you likely expected that your friend would apologize profusely and admit their pet was wrong. However, if that didn't occur, you might have felt disappointed, but not enough that you'd call the police. After all, the person involved was your friend. However, it's important to involve police because they are professionals who can ensure all the vital facts surrounding the event are recorded. Their questioning of everyone involved and their attention to details can provide a strong foundation from which to build any lawsuit. Even if time has passed, you may still want to consult police for an official report.

Not Putting Anything in Writing

Your friend might have offered to pay some amount toward your bills because of their pet's attack. However, without having anything in writing, you can't prove that they agreed to a certain monetary amount. Without a written document, it's harder to show that they even admitted guilt about the incident. If your friend offers to pay you, ensure that it's documented, even if it's in a handwritten note.

Not Visiting a Physician

If you were able to walk out of your friend's house and make it to your own home, you might never consider a doctor visit. However, for your heath and any lawsuits, a physician visit is important. The doctor can look over your wounds for signs of a bacterial infection. They can identify internal bleeding and other conditions. Physician records are admissible in court, and if the doctor prompts you to take photos, those photos can also be used.

Arguing with Your Friend

Not only will arguments make you suffer emotionally, it could lead to more legal issues if threats are uttered or if a fight happens. If anything, your contact with your friend should be minimal, both to allow everyone to calm down and to allow your attorney to make requests about the animal and other information.

A personal injury attorney who constantly works with animal bites and similar cases is the best person to contact now. Consider letting one in the area assist you during this uncomfortable process.


4 November 2019

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