Problems With School Sports Programs? 4 Signs Your Transgender Teen Is Being Discriminated Against

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If you're the parent of a transgender teen, you worry about the way society treats them. Unfortunately, gender discrimination is a common occurrence among the transgender community, even within the educational system. This is particularly true where sports are concerned. Many transgender teens face extreme difficulties concerning school sports programs as soon as they become vocal about their gender identity.

If your teen is experiencing difficulties with school sports programs, and you're not getting anywhere through educational channels, it's time to contact a gender discrimination attorney. If you're not sure that your teen has been discriminated against, take a look at the information provided below. If your teen has experienced any of the situations described below, speak to an attorney as soon as possible. 

Denied Access to Sports

If your teen was active in sports but has been denied access to programs since identifying as transgender, they may be the victim of gender discrimination. School sports programs do not have the right to deny access to programs based on a teen's gender identity. If your teen continues to be denied access to sports programs, you need to sit down with an attorney to discuss your options. 

Overlooked for Key Positions

Your teen may not have been denied access to sports programs. However, they may find that they're being overlooked for key positions, or forced to play on second or third-string teams regardless of abilities or prior ratings. If that's the case, chances are good that your teen is the victim of gender discrimination due to their gender identity. Contact a gender discrimination law attorney right away. 

Forced to Use the Wrong Locker Room 

Schools have locker rooms that are available for their student-athletes to use. In most cases, they are designated as boys or girls locker rooms. If the school is being non-discriminatory, they'll provide access to the appropriate locker room - meaning the locker room that's appropriate for each teen's gender identity. Unfortunately, not all schools are non-discriminatory. If your teen has been forced to use the wrong locker room, you need to take immediate action. Your teen should have access to the locker room that matches their specific gender identity. 

Subjected to Harassment, Bullying or Hazing

If your teen has been allowed into the school sports program but is now the victim of harassment, bullying or hazing by teammates or coaching staff, it's time to hire an attorney. Your transgender teen has the right to participate in sports programs without the fear of harassment, bullying or hazing.


30 November 2019

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