3 Things To Know About The Jury In Your Criminal Case

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If you are in the process of deciding how to proceed with your criminal case and feel that going through a trial would be your best option, you will likely leave the fate of your case up to the jurors who are selected for this case. Going through a trial is not always the best choice defendants have in cases, but it might be the right option for you. If so, here are three important things you should know about the jury that will be handling your criminal case.

Your lawyer will hand select the jurors

The people who serve on the jury will play a vital role in your case and verdict, and the good news is that your lawyer will have a say in who serves on this panel. In fact, your lawyer will have the ability to select jurors for it. This is a process that typically takes place the day before a trial, and it may take an entire day. Both your lawyer and the prosecution will have a say in who is selected as jurors for your trial, and this is beneficial for you.

The judge will give them strict orders and instructions

From the time the trial starts to the point in which the jurors leave the courtroom to deliberate, the judge will give orders and instructions to the jurors multiple times. The judge will explain to them what they can and cannot do, what evidence and information they can and cannot use, and how they are to legally deliberate to come up with a verdict for the case. The jurors must follow all instructions and orders of the court as they begin working out a verdict for the case.

They will deliberate and the court must uphold their verdict

When they leave to deliberate, they will work together on the case by talking about the verdict. They will thoroughly discuss the case together and have the responsibility to decide a person's fate. The entire goal of the jury is to come up with a unanimous verdict, and whatever verdict they come up with must be upheld by the court.

The alternative option you have is to accept a plea bargain, but this option is only available if the court offers you one. If you end up with a jury trial, make sure you hire a criminal law attorney for help in your case.


2 January 2020

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