2 Ways A Lawyer Can Help You With Your Quest To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

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If you have a disability that has caused you to not be able to work enough to support yourself, then you are probably thinking about applying for social security disability benefits. The thing is, while there are a lot of people that go through this process on their own, it might be in your best interest to retain a social security disability lawyer. With the help of a lawyer that has a lot of experience with disability benefits, you may be able to avoid some common mistakes and give yourself the best chance of being approved for the benefits that you need.

They Can Review Your Lengthy Questionnaire 

During the initial part of the application process, the social security office will send you a lengthy questionnaire that you must fill out in its entirety, and it must be sent back in by a specific date. If you leave any question unanswered or you miss the deadline for returning it, your application can be rejected. You would then have to start the benefits application all over again, which means wasted time. By having a social security lawyer look over your completed questionnaire, they can spot questions you might have accidentally missed, and they can help you better understand questions that might confuse you.

They Are Ready For Your Need For An Appeal

The goal is for you to be approved for social security benefits as soon as possible. However, you might be denied the first time you apply. This is something that many applicants face, and it does not mean that you are not actually disabled. The denial could be because the caseworker did not get enough supporting evidence from your doctors that not only describes your disability but that shows how it is impacting your daily standard of living. Your attorney will be ready for that denial letter, so if it does come, they can quickly turn in the proper paperwork for the appeal. This is vital because time is not your friend when it comes to the filing of an appeal. There is a deadline to do it, and if it is missed, you no longer have the opportunity to appeal the initial decision. You would have to start the application process all over again.

When you are ready to retain a legal professional to help you with this, you will want to begin to look for a lawyer that focuses mostly on social security disability claims. They will have a lot of experience with the type of situation you are dealing with and can, therefore, give you some great advice. The sooner you agree to hire a particular lawyer, the sooner he or she can begin to work on how they can represent you and your situation for the best possible outcome.


4 March 2020

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