How To Receive Compensation After Being Rear-Ended On A Motorcycle

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A rear-end accident involving a motorcycle can be very devastating and can lead to a lifetime of injuries. Because you were rear-ended as a motorcyclist, you are likely not at fault. However, you may still have a difficult battle to fight as you seek compensation for your injuries.

The Rear-End Accident Injuries

One of the worst types of injuries you might sustain in a rear-end accident is a head injury. For this reason, it's a good idea to wear a helmet. However, even if you are not wearing a helmet, you may only be held responsible if you are in a state that mandates them. Also, even with a helmet, you may still suffer injuries as a result of the accident.

Back and spinal cord injuries are also common after a rear-end involving a motorcycle. The collision itself can cause injuries and you may also injure your back as you are thrown from your motorcycle.

Challenges With Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike a car accident, a motorcycle accident will often leave behind less evidence. Therefore, it can be more difficult to piece together what happened. For example, if you were in a car, an expert witness could use the distance that pieces of your car were flown to calculate how fast the other car was moving. This is more difficult with a motorcycle accident.

You will want to see a doctor as soon as possible and will want to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as your doctor releases you. However, you will not necessarily want to seek compensation for your injuries until you have fully healed.

Reaching Your Settlement

Once you have agreed to a settlement, you will not be able to ask for more money. Therefore, you may want to wait until you have fully recovered so you will know the extent of your injuries. Then, you will be able to make sure that your injuries are fully covered and you will not find yourself paying for medical bills yourself.

However, at some point, you may also calculate the future expenses you might incur and you may be able to receive compensation for these expenses as well.

Because of the horrible injuries you might suffer as a result of a rear-end accident, you will want to speak with a local motorcycle accident attorney who can help you make a case for why you deserve compensation for your injuries.   


19 April 2021

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