Don't Let An OVI Charge Cause You To Lose Your Commercial License

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If you are accused of an OVI and you are a commercial truck driver, it is essential that you do everything possible to beat your charges. Otherwise, having an OVI conviction can prevent you from being able to work as an commercial driver from this point onward.

Your Commercial Driver's License Might Be Suspended

If your commercial driver's license is suspended, you will not be able to operate a commercial vehicle. However, you may be able to apply for special permission to have other driving privileges granted. After the first incident, your commercial driver's license will likely be suspended. You may also lose your license if you refuse to perform a chemical test. 

The Type of Vehicle Used

If doesn't matter if the type of vehicle used was when you were pulled over for an OVI. You will still potentially lose your commercial license if you were pulled over for an OVI. 

However, if you were driving a commercial vehicle and a small amount of alcohol was detected in your system, you will be put out of service for more than 24 hours. If you are pulled over for an OVI while operating a commercial vehicle, the legal limit might be lower. 

How to Receive a Conviction for an OVI

To be convicted for an OVI, you must have a detectable amount of drugs in your system. In some states, you must have been driving under the influence of a BAC of 0.04 or higher. Also, if you refuse an OVI test while operating a commercial vehicle, you may lose your license.

An OVI Attorney Can Help

If you are concerned about losing your license, you will want to turn to an experienced OVI attorney. There are many ways in which you might be able to have your charges reduced or dropped. For example, you might have had your rights violated while you were pulled over for an OVI. The police officer will need to have reasonable suspicion that you had committed a crime before the officer could pull you over. 

Also, the method used to test you for an OVI could be challenged. If you performed a breathalyzer test, your attorney may argue that the breathalyzer was not properly calibrated. If you performed a urine or blood test, the attorney may argue that the sample taken was not stored properly. Whatever method used to charge you with a OVI might be scrutinized. Reach out to an OVI lawyer for more information. 


22 June 2021

Understanding How To Fight Charges

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