What Can Delay Compensation for a Personal Injury Case

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Individuals get injured every day due to the negligence of others. Many people think that being careful will protect them against getting injured. The issue with this fallacious thinking is that being careful does not protect against careless individuals. Most individuals who get injured do not know what they need to do. If they have permanent disabilities, their thoughts might be to file for disability. However, some injured individuals are entitled to compensation. These cases often end up in civil court and are referred to as personal injury cases. There are a number of things that can delay the compensation that injured parties receive. The following points identify some of the most common reasons for a delay.

Delayed Filing

Some individuals assume that they will receive a quick payout especially if it is obvious that they have injuries from an accident. However, most insurance companies want documented proof of injuries. This means that medical records need to get furnished. A personal injury attorney can act on their client's behalf to obtain records. This often involves getting signatures for release. Even if the documents get submitted to the appropriate doctors and medical facilities, their response time may lag. The case cannot move forward without the required documents. 

Unproven Injuries

It is ill-advised to start a personal injury claim without knowing the full extent of the injuries. Some individuals might be permanently injured, which could affect their ability to work or perform day-to-day activities. Rushing to a claim could result in a settlement that does not fully cover a victim's injuries. A personal injury attorney will know the best way to proceed and when.

Seeking a High Compensation Amount

Insurance companies want to make the lowest payouts that they can. This means that they might not be willing to negotiate and accept a fair settlement. If a personal injury lawyer cannot get the insurance company to compromise, the case will likely need to go through the full judicial process. Victims who are seeking compensation for millions of dollars might have to wait longer to get their cases resolved. The length of time it takes to resolve will vary depending on the jurisdiction where the incident occurred and their court roster.

A personal injury case attorney is a good resource to use if you are injured due to someone else's negligence. They will be familiar with the laws in the state where the incident occurred. This equips them to advise you of statutes that might affect potential compensation.


31 August 2021

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