Giving A Statement After An Accident: What To Know

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If you have been hit by another driver, you may be entitled to money damages. You can end up with less money than you thought, however, if you aren't careful with what you do and say about the accident. Learn more by reading below.

Recorded Statements and Accidents

It's common for accident adjusters to record phone calls with clients and others. That way, what was said during the call cannot be misinterpreted. However, these calls can present some accident victims with several pitfalls if they aren't careful.

Victims should call their own insurer as soon as possible after the accident. You need to alert them to the accident as part of your duty as a client. Answer the adjuster's questions to the best of your knowledge. They are collecting information on your claim because the other driver, even if they are at fault, may not have insurance. Also, your own insurer can file a claim against the other insurer if necessary to be reimbursed for any costs.

The real reason they are contacting you is to mitigate their own liability. That may seem like a complex term, but it just means they want to reduce their client's responsibility for paying your damages. They try to do this by finding out if you, the victim, contributed to the accident in any way. They also try to find out what your injuries were, if you sought medical treatment, and more.

Don't Speak to Them

Even though you think you have nothing to hide, don't speak to anyone from the other side for any reason. That includes the driver, their family members, their lawyer, and anyone from their insurance company. The insurer for the other driver might imply that you are required to speak to them but that is not correct. They might even try to convince you to speak to them by promising to send you a big check once you do so. They are not being honest with you and any check you get from them is likely to be too small for you to consider.

Speak to a Lawyer

It's vital that you seek help from a personal injury lawyer. They are 100% on your side and you can speak with them about the accident in complete confidence. They can evaluate your case and seek what you are owed from the other side using facts instead of emotions.

Speak to a car accident injury lawyer to find out more.


18 July 2022

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