Do Respiratory Disorders Qualify For Disability Payments? Find Out

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A severe respiratory disorder can deter you from earning a living. Luckily, your condition may be eligible for disability benefits. That means you will receive periodic financial help after a successful application. However, the application process can be challenging without professional legal help. Thus, it is advisable to contact a disability lawyer when faced with such a situation. They will guide you on the following issues before applying for the payments.

Respiratory Disorders That Qualify for Payments

The agency responsible for administering disability payments only approves applications of deserving applicants. They mostly award the benefits to people who have suffered severe harm. That includes those having extreme challenges to work in order to earn a living. One of the respiratory disorders the agencies consider a disability is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

Furthermore, you may qualify for disability benefits if you suffer from asthma and cystic fibrosis. Certain sleep-related breathing disorders also qualify as a disability. And if you acquire complications after a lung transplant, you are eligible for financial help. However, many applicants fail in their attempt to seek disability benefits, even if they suffer from these conditions. The best way to ensure success is to enlist the help of a social security disability lawyer.

Requirements for Obtaining Payments

The biggest hurdle when applying for disability payment is proving your eligibility. That's why working with a professional legal advisor is necessary. They will ask you to undergo a thorough medical examination. A doctor's report offers essential support for your application. Your doctor will examine you and provide evidence in detail. That way, the social security department reviewing your application will understand the severity of your impairment. That includes details of the treatments you've received for your respiratory problems.

In addition, your doctor should provide test results and images you've undergone. The benefit of an attorney is that they ensure the application captures all the essential medical details of your illness. That includes a detailed account of how your illness has made it challenging to perform your duties at work. Furthermore, they will highlight the long-term repercussions of the condition. This evidence will convince the agency that you deserve financial assistance. 

As seen, a social security disability attorney is pretty helpful when applying for financial benefits for respiratory impairment. Your attorney will ensure that your application is complete. Remember that a winning application should reflect the condition's impact on your life and working ability. You can create one with the help of a lawyer.

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3 October 2022

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