Doctors, Workers' Compensation, And Work Injuries: What To Know

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Workers hurt on the job may be covered by insurance. The worker's employer should provide them with workers' compensation insurance coverage. This coverage costs the workers nothing and provides several benefits. Workers with an accepted claim can expect to have their associated medical expenses covered, in addition to disability pay. The role the hurt worker's doctor plays in a workers' compensation claim has major implications. Learn more below.

Dealing With Medical Matters 

No matter who you see for your work injury, you should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Inform the office staff and your doctor that your injury is work-related.
  • Explain how you were injured in the course of your work and how your injury is directly related to your job.
  • If you are referred to a specialist, repeat that your injury was work-related and that it occurred because of your job.
  • Remind your doctors of how your injury affects your job on a continuous basis. Doing so ensures that decisions are made based on your status and ability to perform at your job.
  • Cite specific examples of how your injury affects your job task. For instance, you might tell the doctor that you doubt you can perform work with an injured wrist since your job involves assembling small components.

The Independent Medical Examination (IME)

You may be asked to participate in an IME. This examination is performed by a doctor that has not treated you previously and they are likely contracted under the workers' compensation insurer. The purpose of the IME is to establish the status of your injury and determine if you can return to your previous job.

This exam presents workers with another opportunity to explain how the injury occurred and how it affects performing the duties of the job. This doctor's role is to find out if your injury has healed enough for you to return to work or not. The alternative to returning to work is to be deemed permanently disabled. Known as maximum medical improvement (MMI), this ruling enables workers to move into a new category of benefits.

If you have been told to return to work and you disagree with that ruling, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer about an appeal and second opinion. Likewise, if you have been ruled to be at MMI and are being offered a settlement, speak to a workers' comp lawyer for help negotiating for the funds you need and deserve.

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1 December 2022

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