4 Tips For Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you have been involved in an accident in which you have been injured by the fault of another, then you are probably going to want to make a claim. This will ensure that you receive proper compensation for your injuries and more. In order to ensure that you have a higher chance of receiving your proper compensation, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer (such as one from Schlicter & Schonack LLP).

29 September 2015

Is It Possible To Re-Open A Workers' Comp Case?

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In many instances, the workers' compensation claim ends once the worker has returned back to work and recovered fully from his or her injuries. However, there are some instances in which it is necessary for the claim to stay open for an extended period of time. If you believe that you are entitled to benefits beyond those you were initially offered, here is what you need to know.  Can You Receive Benefits If Your Condition Worsens?

9 September 2015

Tips To Help Your Loved Ones Avoid A Lengthy Probate Process Upon Your Death

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Probate is a procedure that occurs when a court is put in charge of the distribution of someone's property upon their death. The first step is usually to ensure that all debts are paid, and then the court will attempt to transfer any remaining property to the deceased person's family or other survivors. While that sounds simple enough, probate can go on for months or even a couple of years, and subject the survivors to a lengthy ordeal.

20 August 2015

3 Things You Need For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

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There are lawsuits filed every single day. Many people wonder if an accident that they have been in merits a lawsuit. It can be hard to know if you have a good personal injury case. Here are some things that you will need to prove fault in a personal injury lawsuit. 1. Care Of Duty It is important that in any accident there is a care of duty. This means that the person who is at fault has to have some sort of duty to the person they injured.

6 August 2015

How To Make Sure Your Consultative Exam For Social Security Goes Well

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Sometimes, people with disabilities still get refused for Social Security benefits. If you have a case going on that has been denied and is in appeal, chances are good that you will have prove your medical issues through an exam by an independent doctor. Sometimes you will also need an exam in the initial stage of your application, usually because you haven't been seen by a doctor in some time or medical evidence of your disability does not meet certain guidelines.

23 July 2015

Protecting Your Home From Contractor Liens

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Did you know that choosing the wrong roofing contractor for your home can lead to something much worse than a poor roofing job? The sad truth is that you could actually lose your home if the contractor is negligent in paying for his or her expenses. When this happens, you could receive a notice of lien and your home could be auctioned to pay for the expenses that the contractor failed to pay.

6 July 2015

Don't Make These Financial Mistakes in Your Divorce

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If you are getting divorced, you have a lot of issues on your mind, and dealing with finances is no doubt a prominent issue. This important area should not take a back seat; mistakes made at this time could haunt you for many years and impact you and your children. Here is more information about common financial mistakes people make in divorce and how to avoid them. 1.  Failing to Gather Information Quickly

19 June 2015