Planning For Estate Planning

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You might have an upcoming appointment with an estate lawyer. Estate planning is important and making plans to discuss your wishes with a professional can help you understand what should be done. However, those making estate plans should plan for the estate planning appointment too. Read on and find out what must be considered before meeting with your estate lawyer. Gather Documents  Your estate lawyer needs information about your property and financial situation to help you make good decisions.

24 January 2023

Can You Get A DUI If You Do Not Drive?

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime. If convicted, you can spend time in jail, pay expensive fines, and even lose your driver's license. You know that operating a vehicle after consuming too much alcohol or under the influence of drugs can get you into trouble. What you may not realize is that you do not even need to be driving the vehicle to get arrested for DUI. Here is what you need to know:

3 January 2023

Doctors, Workers' Compensation, And Work Injuries: What To Know

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Workers hurt on the job may be covered by insurance. The worker's employer should provide them with workers' compensation insurance coverage. This coverage costs the workers nothing and provides several benefits. Workers with an accepted claim can expect to have their associated medical expenses covered, in addition to disability pay. The role the hurt worker's doctor plays in a workers' compensation claim has major implications. Learn more below. Dealing With Medical Matters 

1 December 2022

Take Action When You Have Not Filed Tax Returns In Years

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Taxpayers are expected to file a return each year, but for one reason or another, some people fall behind a year or sometimes even more. This scenario is not ideal, but it is one that is workable. If you have fallen behind on filing your taxes, learn what you can do. Collect Documents Begin your efforts by collecting all your financial documents, including income statements and documentation for any credits you plan to claim.

1 November 2022

Do Respiratory Disorders Qualify For Disability Payments? Find Out

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A severe respiratory disorder can deter you from earning a living. Luckily, your condition may be eligible for disability benefits. That means you will receive periodic financial help after a successful application. However, the application process can be challenging without professional legal help. Thus, it is advisable to contact a disability lawyer when faced with such a situation. They will guide you on the following issues before applying for the payments.

3 October 2022

What You Should Know Before Choosing A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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Finding the right workers' compensation lawyer for your workers' compensation case is important. Here is some information about workers' compensation law, how to file a claim, and what questions to ask when choosing a lawyer. Do You Need a Workers' Compensation Lawyer? You don't need a lawyer if your employer offers workers' compensation insurance. If your employer complies with state law, then they will provide you with benefits for medical care and income replacement without having to pay any extra fees.

13 September 2022

3 Signs You Need To Hire A Wrongful Termination Attorney

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Employers have a right to fire their employees. But an employer can only fire an employee under their employment contract.  Hence, you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit if your employer terminates you under unlawful conditions. You need to hire a wrongful termination lawyer to provide legal counsel during the case.  But when employers terminate your work contract, you may not know whether their termination is wrongful. As a result, you don't hire wrongful termination lawyers to investigate their reasons for the termination.

12 August 2022

Giving A Statement After An Accident: What To Know

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If you have been hit by another driver, you may be entitled to money damages. You can end up with less money than you thought, however, if you aren't careful with what you do and say about the accident. Learn more by reading below. Recorded Statements and Accidents It's common for accident adjusters to record phone calls with clients and others. That way, what was said during the call cannot be misinterpreted.

18 July 2022

3 Problems With Executing A Last Will Without A Trust Attorney

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A last will is a document that allows people to decide who will inherit their property once they become deceased. Nonetheless, the execution of the last will involves several procedures used to validate it. You must conduct your last will with your trust lawyer. The lawyer provides peace of mind and ensures that your loved ones inherit your properties per your wishes. Discover some problems you may face if you execute the last will without a trust attorney.

20 June 2022

Benefits Of Hiring A Probate Litigation Attorney

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Probate is the process of verifying the legitimacy of a will or trust. The process is often straightforward; however, hiring a probate litigation law attorney is vital to ensure it happens seamlessly. The lawyer offers oversight, avoiding disputes, especially for families with complex dynamics. However, in case of dispute, hiring a probate litigation attorney will also provide the following benefits. Protect the Estate It is common to witness disputes among families whenever their loved one dies and leaves behind a sizeable estate.

23 May 2022