Make These Points In Court When The Police Officer Doesn't Show Up

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When you've decided to fight a traffic ticket in court, you can expect to square off against the police officer who pulled you over and wrote you a ticket. In many cases, the officer will show up to court and prove to be a worthy adversary to you and your attorney. However, it's also possible that he or she will fail to appear—which can be good news for you. In this case, your attorney will argue for a case dismissal, but the judge won't automatically agree.

4 February 2019

Don't Forget About Your Retirement When You Divorce

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Divorce can bring about numerous changes and challenges but few people recognize the need to plan for their future. You must look at divorce as not just a relationship issue but a financial one. The decisions you make during the creation of your divorce agreement will continue to affect you in many ways for years to come. It's vital that you not miss the opportunity to secure your future needs and that includes your retirement.

6 January 2019

How Motorcycle Drivers Should Respond To Being Hit By Another Motorist


If you drive a motorcycle, you're more at risk of injury compared to those driving in traditional vehicles. That's because your body is severely exposed. If you're accidentally hit on your bike and are in bad shape, you'll want to proceed by taking the following actions.  Get Medical Help  Your first priority after such a severe auto collision should be seeking medical help. Severe trauma may have been done to your body and medical professionals are the only people who can get you back to a stable condition.

21 November 2018

Reasons Most Car Accident Cases Settle Without A Trial

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Going to trial to settle a car accident case is typically considered the last resort, and this is primarily because most people are able to reach agreements outside of court for their car accident settlements. Here are some of the top reasons most car accident cases settle outside of court and do not require a trial. The evidence is clear One of the reasons people are able to settle car accident cases without going to trial is due to the fact that the evidence clearly shows who caused the accident.

13 October 2018

Steps To Limit The Risk Of Injuries To Your Veterinary Technicians

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When you run a veterinary clinic, you're responsible for providing a safe work environment for everyone — and that includes the vet technicians who work for you. Those in this role must often perform the menial tasks that veterinarians don't perform, such as trimming animals' nails and performing other basic procedures. When animals are stressed, which is often the case in this environment, they may act aggressively and could bite or even maul one of your vet techs.

30 August 2018

Ways To Lessen Your Risk Of A Theft Charge If You Have Kleptomania

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People who are charged with theft as a result of being caught shoplifting can end up with a criminal record because of a thoughtless mistake, and this is a risk that may concern you if you've been diagnosed with having kleptomania. This condition compels you to take what doesn't belong with you, even if you don't need it — and you may have had multiple past incidents of shoplifting that you can directly link to your condition.

8 August 2018

Is It Possible To Work And Draw SSD Benefits?

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You became disabled, took your claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) to court, and ended up winning your benefits. Now that you have been drawing your SSD payments for some time, you feel that you can do some work, even if you cannot go back to working as you were before you became disabled. People who are in this situation are left with a lot of questions. After all, being declared "

30 June 2018